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About Us

Oz Cyclone Chasers is comprised of a group of four weather enthusiasts whose major goal is to travel around Australia in order to document Tropical cyclone impacts and share that with the public.




Trevor Acton was born and grew up in Wollongong on the south coast NSW. Trevor started surfing at a young age and he soon become interested in the weather.Trevor moved to the Pilbra for work in the late 70's where he had his first contact with Tropical Cyclones. In 1981 Trevor moved back to Wollongong where he met and married his wife of now 33 years. In 1988 Trevor, his wife and young family moved to Darwin NT where he found a new love for weather, severe storms, storm chasing, weather photography and Tropical Cyclones.Between 2003 - 2013 Trevor worked as a Systems Engineer/Safety Manager on the Darwin to Tarcoola Railway where part of his duties was to warn Trains and Workers to possible inclement weather,flooding and Tropical Cyclones. During this period Trevor became involved in weather forums in Darwin and accross the globe and later became a founding member of OCC.









Travis gained an early interest in weather at a young age, and has always been fascinated by Science including Weather, Astronomy and Geography. However, during his first Tropical Cyclone ( TC Tessie Cat 2 Townsville ) he never thought that, during the howling gale force winds, that this night would lead to his fascination that he has today. Now Travis works full time as a Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar and Holden Mechanic at a Local Dealer in Townsville. His spare time during winter is usually spent playing Hockey on Weekends and spending time with his mates like any other young person in their early 20s. His other interests include Cricket, Rugby League, Photography, Fishing and Camping.

Travis has now got a reasonable tally of Tropical Cyclone Intercepts, which have all been Associated with Oz Cyclone Chasers. It currently stands as –

  • Tropical Cyclone Ului ( Cat 3 )
  • Tropical Cyclone Anthony ( Cat 2 )
  • Tropical Cyclone Yasi ( Cat 5 )
  • Tropical Cyclone Lua ( Category 4 )
  • Tropical Cyclone Dylan ( Category 2 )
  • Tropical Cyclone Ita ( Category 4 )

During A Tropical Cyclone Intercept, Travis is usually doing many things, however these duties change on each individual chase.  His main duties are 

  • Driving
  • Navigating
  • Updating Social Media During Busy Times
  • Keeping Vehicles Mechanically Sound 
  • Shooting Footage and Editing Footage

Travis loves the fact that the OCC bond between members is very tight, and hope this can continue in the future, and that through better coverage of these natural disasters that the public is made well aware of the dangers that Tropical Cyclones possess.



I was born in Perth and came up to the territory for holiday’s in the late 70’s and just loved the place  from the first day, then I eventually moved here in the mid 80’s.I’ve worked in the mining industry for over 20 years, which led me to meeting my wife at one of them about 25 years ago. We have to lovely daughters and have called Darwin home ever since. I’m also a pretty keen photographer that loved the lightning and storms that we get up here, which in turn, got me interested in weather and how it all worked. I’ve been involved in weather forums for about 10 years now and that’s where I met Trevor about 6 years ago. These days I mostly work for myself and do a number of other things on the side. I got involved with Nitso and Trav through weather forums and cyclones, just like Trevor, so it seemed like a great idea to join forces and turn OCC into a serious business. 









Chris was born in Northern Greece and came to Australia as a young boy. He initially lived in Sydney and in 1988 was amazed by a very intense hail storm that smashed his house. This hailstorm had torn off the roof, blown out the windows of his house and left his family in complete shock, all with almost no warning. Since that day, Chris Nitsopoulos (Nitso) has been passionate about studying the weather and learning about what makes thunderstorms tick in order to better understand and forecast them. Upon completing his high school education in Townsville, he went on to James Cook university to begin a degree in Meteorology. Unfortunately Chris could not grasp the intricate mathematical formulas behind the physics involved in meteorology and changed degrees with a year left in his meteorology degree. He completed a degree in Secondary School education majoring in Geography and ironically enough, minoring in mathematics and physics. Nitso successfully taught Geography, Science, Mathematics and Physical Education for 5 years before dropping his full time teaching load to pursue a small business goal which could give him a lot more time off and help fund his storm chasing. In 2010, Nitso began a business selling sports shoes and supplements online. In 2013, Nitso shut down that business and now works primarily on Oz Cyclone Chasers and does a couple of days supply teaching at a couple of Catholic schools in Townsville The fact that his workload was far reduced allowed him to pursue his burning desire to chase tropical cyclones.

Even though Chris never completed his Meteorology degree, his passion for studying the weather and in particular severe weather systems has never diminished. During the dry season you would normally see Chris spending much of his spare time burying his head in old meteorology books or online researching meteorological studies from around the world. Chris enjoys and learns from every storm chase regardless of its success/failure, in fact Chris believes that in storm chasing you learn more from a failed chase or a failed forecast because it drives you to learn why you got it wrong and to strive to get it right next time. Chris is a registered storm spotter with the Bureau of Meteorology, he is a trained first aid officer and a qualified gym instructor. Chris also enjoys refereeing Rugby League and Rugby Union part time in the Winter months and says that he would go crazy with boredom and weigh 200kg if he didn’t have a hobby like refereeing to keep him fit and busy in the months between April and October. 

Chris is in charge of all of our subscriber services at OCC. 


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